By: bambie.murphy | December 13, 2017

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By: bambie.murphy | November 08, 2017

We have released our next website release. We have added forums to allow clients to discuss issues, new features, updates and more. Along side our forums we have released the first of our SSD VPS servers. 

We are now starting work on v0.3 of Reptilia Hosting, if you would like to join in please sign up here https://www.reptiliahostingclient.co.uk/order/config/index/reptiliaprograms/?group_id=7&pricing_id=15

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By: bambie.murphy | October 19, 2017

We have nearly completed Reptilia Hosting v0.2, as of 01/11/2017 we will be working on Reptilia hosting v0.3 that we are hoping to release 31/12/2017 any and all new request and features will be added to v0.3 of Reptilia Hosting.

In addition to the completion of v0.2 we are releasing an patch to our services adding a new forum dedicated to Reptilia Hosting and its services. This patch should be released within the next 72 hours. 

To be kept updated or to join in with the progression of Reptilia Hosting please sign up here. https://www.reptiliahostingclient.co.uk/order/main/packages/reptiliaprograms/?group_id=7

You will receive your invite into our projects system where you can raise issues and more. 

By: bambie.murphy | October 15, 2017

We want to give our clients the best hardware to run there Oxwall site. Due to the complexities of social networking site they can eat away at hardware resources. We have a solution to this, our Oxwall packages will soon be installed on a isolated VPS server. With the added features from cPanel to manage your Oxwall site you can change your site with a few simple clicks.

Due to this prices will be increasing but we will still be cheap as possible. 

There is no release date for this but will be live by 31/10/2017

By: bambie.murphy | September 28, 2017

We have added a link to our Reptilia Hosting Programs to the footer of our website, Reptilia Hosting Programs are designed to give customers more information, get involved and much more.

The first program to be launched is our Reptilia Projects, see how Reptilia Hosting is growing up us to locate and fix bugs, maybe have some input into our future features updates and so much more.